Walnut AI

"The world's leading AI intelligent quantitative system"

AI applications

Unlocking ValueUse Walnut's AI-driven investment strategy to enable everyone to realise their own AI fund.

Collaborative Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Encrypted data is uploaded separately to the cloud, and then analytics models are federated directly on the encrypted data using Walnut's API.

Policy Implementation

Provides policy enforcement capabilities for inter- and intra-company data sharing, computation, analytics and artificial intelligence.

multilayered security

It is enhanced by encryption to provide stronger security guarantees.

Integrated Strategy Platform

To create an integrated and multi-functional quantitative trading strategy platform that provides various trading algorithms, risk management tools and market analysis functions.

Full list of AI features

Helping you start making your mark in the cryptocurrency space. Whatever your goal, we have the data available.

Volume/Graphical Analysis

Visualise trading volume instead of viewing months of history on price aggregation sites.

Charts and Alerts

Receive alerts when oversold/overbought or crossovers occur. This information is scanned in real time and updated every 5 minutes.

Events Calendar

With our events calendar, you can view upcoming events for a given cryptocurrency in the near future.

Social Sentiment

We track negative, neutral and positive social feedback for the top cryptocurrencies and present it to you in chart form.

Arbitrage Scanning

We offer arbitrage opportunity scanning on all of our supported exchanges. We do this for all the exchanges we support.

Cryptocurrency Summary

We provide basic summaries of cryptocurrencies, such as market cap history, volume history, daily highs and lows, etc.

Patent applicationA series of patent application programmes

In 2024, Walnut plans to file a series of patents that will cover its unique algorithms, trading models and security technologies.

  • Patented Algorithms

    Patents are filed to protect its advanced machine learning algorithms that accurately predict market trends and automatically adjust trading strategies.

  • Trading Model Innovations

    Patent its unique trading models, including those used for high-frequency trading and statistical arbitrage, to ensure that these innovations are legally protected.

  • Security Technology Protection

    To safeguard user funds and data, patent its latest encryption and data protection technologies to ensure the security and reliability of the platform.