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Empowering Investments with AIQuality AI quantitative trading strategies

Provide investors with enterprise-level AI platform, quantitative investment big data, AI investment research tools, quantitative growth system and community

value-added serviceTaking the AI quantitative investment high ground

It provides users with an efficient and intelligent trading environment to meet customer needs with refined and personalised services.

  • Free AI quantitative training

    Zero-basic, advanced video tutorials, hand in hand to teach you to develop strategies using AI; 100+ cases of practice, from imitation to thinking, to establish their own strategy development ideas

  • Strategy Source Code

    1000+ classic strategy source code, open the brain hole of the strategy; 1000+ brokerage firms research report, at any time to make progress to develop thinking + case practice, from imitation to thinking, to establish their own strategy development ideas

  • Live Trading

    Simulation trading, live trading seamlessly


If you have any doubts, please try to find the answer here, hopefully it will help you to solve it in the first place.

What data does the platform provide?

The platform supports a wide range of data including futures, OTC funds, options data, macroeconomic data, US stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc.

What factors are included in the platform?

The platform has complete market data from 2021 to present, financial data of listed companies and more than 1,600 featured factor data, which is convenient for strategy developers to use directly and enhance efficiency.

Strategy Development page not accessible?

There are many possible reasons, such as network connection problems, browser problems, memory problems, etc. You can quickly solve the problem by the following two ways.
A: Try to restart the browser operation, usually can solve 80% of the problem Oh ~ browser we recommend that you use chrome browser.
B: If the restart has been ineffective to add customer service WeChat: bigq101, describe the problem, we will quickly help you deal with;

What is a strategic subscription?

The strategies displayed in the Platform Discovery Strategies section are all spontaneously shared by research users on the Walnut platform. Since some other users do not have the ability to develop strategies or are in the growth stage of development, we provide a subscription function for strategies, whereby subscribing to a strategy that has been opened up by someone else will allow you to receive the strategy's output trading signals during the subscription period.