Walnut Quantify Platform

Open source financial technology, paving the future of trading.

Spending too much time looking for the right opportunity?

But it's always too late?

Walnut was originally designed to think like a trader with access to the matrix. We connect to all major exchanges and calculate complex algorithms to provide you with market information and alerts that are easier to use than any other cryptocurrency tool available today. Our quantitative tools and strategies will show you information about the cryptocurrency market quickly and efficiently as well as make consistent gains.

Our Attraction

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Walnut's innovations have significantly improved market performance and customer satisfaction in the quantitative trading space.

Yield improvement
Increased speed of trade execution
Risk reduction
Client growth rate

Company ProfileOur background

Founded in the US in 2018, Walnut Capital has an elite team of over 30 people from Wall Street, Europe, and Asia who specialise in fintech, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.

In 2021, we developed Walnut, the nation's first AI quantitative platform, which has served tens of thousands of professional quantifiers and has been adopted by a number of headline institutions.

Our Mission

We aspire to build a decentralised infrastructure, open, free and inclusive financial "utopia" that serves everyone and realises a truly decentralised, cross-platform and interconnected ecosystem.

With the advantage of leading artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies, we have developed our own unique quantitative analysis systems, trading strategies, and back-end systems to achieve our vision.


Our qualifications

In 2023, walnut fund management ltd was formally established to provide a solid guarantee for the safety of funds on Walnut's platform. Authorised and regulated by the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau (MSB), Walnut provides quantitative financial services to professional clients and financial institutions.


Walnut Capital developed Walnut, the nation's first AI quantitative platform in 2021, and launched a full-stack AI platform to empower businesses with AI.

First Walnut grid trading strategy

A trading strategy based on volatility optimisation for oscillating and rising markets.

Lightning fast

Provides timeframes as low as 5 minutes for accurate transaction data.


Love working with users to provide more accurate and useful encrypted data.


A cryptocurrency alert tool to help traders with technical analysis, we also offer fundamental analysis, coin screening, sentiment analysis and more.

Our Team

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