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Showcasing our fast and efficient cryptocurrency trading tool that has been used by millions of users.

Designed to save you time that you would otherwise spend on charts and reading forums or news posts to see which tokens are changing in terms of fundamental and technical analysis.

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stock exchange

Get a bird's eye view of the entire exchange, the currency pairs they support, and the main timeframes on one page. It's an absolutely relentless tool, and users in Walnut use it to quickly find out how prices/volumes are changing.

Most exchanges will only provide you with 24-hour and 7-day data. With Walnut, you can view timeframes as low as 5 minutes and get volume and price information faster than ever before.

Trading Indicator Alerts

Get our algorithmic alerts that are designed to capture volume/price increases through our cryptocurrency filters. You can also get alerts on trading indicators such as crossovers, oversold and more.

Volume Analyser

With Walnut, you can select any number of cryptocurrencies and visually analyse their trading volume over time.

If you've ever tried to find historical volume information, you've probably realised that it's hard to do, especially on sites like CoinMarketCap, where you need to look at the volume on tabular data.

Crypto Sentiment Analysis

With our sentiment analysis tool, you can get an idea of the current level of hype surrounding your chosen token.

This is a great addition for those looking to automate some fundamental analysis to accompany their trading.